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Our Vision

A dynamic, effective, and achieving Ethiopian American community that is proudly rooted in the depth of Ethiopian heritage and which is successfully integrated into mainstream American life.

Our Mission

The EthiopianAmerican website will promote the best in Ethiopian and American cultures to instill in our community a habit of success, a tradition of excellence, behaviors of enhancement, relationships of enrichment, engaging quality of life, and the spirit of wisdom and resilience.


To strongly cement, through better Internet access, the familyhood of all persons of Ethiopian origin and link up their physical, spiritual, intellectual, social, commercial, and emotional lives.

To serve as The Ethiopian House, the exhibition hall of EthiopianAmerican cultural creations and activities.

To actively learn from the educational, economic, and professional successes of other recent immigrant groups, and provide an effective platform for community wide discussions on the state of EthiopianAmerican achievement.

To promote our fraternity with the various American communities, and share our experiences with them.

Our Strategy

In order to achieve the preceding objectives, EthiopianAmerican website will:

Encourage the development and use of computers as our community culture, and advocate seeking higher quality of life through the use of information and knowledge technologies.

Implement effective linking of scattered computer users, and create greater connectivity among all members of our community through the use of Geez Fidel technologies so as to meet the needs of non-English speaking members.

Initiate a nationwide alliance building among actual community organizations, agencies, businesses, and individuals in order to facilitate a spirit of learning and critical discussion.

Serve our community as a resource site for print and multimedia on cultural adjustment, educational, professional, business, artistic, and entertainment needs.

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